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  • Good Friday  -  Fri, Apr 26 - 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Bright Saturday Praise  -  Sat, Apr 27 - 12:00 am - 5:00 am

  • Bright Saturday Liturgy  -  Sat, Apr 27 - 5:00 am - 7:00 am

  • Easter Liturgy  -  Sat, Apr 27 - 7:00 pm - 12:00 am

  • Easter Sunday School Celebration  -  Sun, Apr 28 - 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

  • Vespers  -  Sun, Apr 28 - 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

  • Liturgy  -  Mon, Apr 29 - 5:30 am - 7:30 am

  • Liturgy  -  Wed, May 1 - 5:30 am - 7:30 am

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Our Children in Church (4/24/2019)

Dear all in Christ,

It has been noticed that there is a significant increase in children’s noise during services. The church is the house of God, and is a place for love, reverence and holiness. It is important that children learn to worship at a young age, that they are in the presence of God’s glory with reverence, prayers, and praises. In order to maintain this spiritual environment, parents must actively take part in guiding and helping their children’s behaviour. Please kindly observe the following guidelines:

Please DO NOT: 

  • Do Not Allow your children to play with phones or tablets in Church.
  • Do Not Allow your children to run up & down the church aisles or in the upper Mezzanine.
  • Do Not Leave your children to play in the Basement, Mezzanine or outside during services.
  • Do Not Allow your children to scream, yell or throw toys in the Baptistery/Crying room.
  • Do Not Leave your children unattended at church – a parent should always be present.

We ENCOURAGE you to: 

  • Remind your children that they are in the House of God, and of their proper behaviour.
  • Keep your children standing next to you to set a good example – NOT next to a friend to chat.
  • Help your children to follow the service on the screens, or use a children’s Picture Liturgy Book.
  • Bring quiet plush toys for young children to hold during services.
  • Bring colouring books for children to colour quietly when they need a break.
  • Take children out of the church when they need a change of setting but then bring them back.
  • Fathers, serve as deacons with your children – this is a great example & blessing.

Through patience & good examples of their parents, children will see the importance of worship & delight in being present in the house of God.

Children Books

You can find some books to help explain the Pascha to children below. Click on each title to open it:

My Holy Pascha Booklet – A Guide for Children

The Holy Pascha Explanation Book for Children

Notice regarding parking (4/21/2019)

Kindly make sure to only park in designated parking spots at the church without blocking other vehicles.  There are additional parking spaces at the nearby Knoxdale School (just south of the church) on evenings and weekends.  Thank you.

Holy Week Schedule (4/20/2019)
Sermon Schedule (4/19/2019)
Easter Party (4/18/2019)
Announcement from the Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada (4/15/2019)

The National Elections Committee invites members of the Egyptian Congregation in Canada to participate in the referendum on the revisions of the Egyptian Constitution (2014 Constitution).

Voting will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 19th, 20th, 21st, 2019 from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. at:

The Egyptian Embassy in Ottawa at 150 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1100, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1P1


The Egyptian Consulate in Montreal at 1800 Ave. McGill College, Suite 900, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 3J6

To vote, one is required to present the original national identity card, or a new valid passport.

The Embassy greets you all and is looking forward to your participation in this referendum.

Ottawa, April 17th, 2019

Newcomers Event (4/15/2019)

Gathering for Newcomers
Thursday, May 9th
7:00 pm
Church basement

The Church invites all newcomers (five years or less) and anyone interested to meet newcomers.

This session is for acquaintance information sharing and presentation on various subjects of importance to newcomers.

Refreshments will be served.

Summer Camp – Registration Now Open (4/15/2019)

Dear Parents/Guardians
We are pleased to invite your kids (4 to 12 years old) to join 

St. Mary Summer Camp 2019
July 2nd to August 23rd

Hurry up and apply now
Limited spots
Fees: $400.00

It will be a wonderful time for our kids

To apply, please complete this registration form and send it to

For more information contact Michel Boulos @ (613) 371-3303

Job Opportunity for Students (Summer 2019) (3/22/2019)

At St. Mary Summer Camp, we look for highly energetic students with initiative and drive, who are looking for an opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop their competencies through challenging assignments while working as part of a great team. We believe students entering the workplace are the very people who will help us in the development of work with kid’s strategies.

If you are a student (specifically from grade 11 to the last year of university) and have experiences in enhancing child-based play as well as encouraging, guiding and modeling appropriate behavior techniques, please submit your resumé along with a cover letter no later than April 30, 2019 to the following e-mail address: