Church Services

For Saturday & Sunday Liturgies, please only register one time every two weeks, unless there is space still available after 8:00 PM the night before. Saint Mary's Service Registration Please…

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Google Meet

Hymns - Saturday at 5:00 PM Hymns (Preschool-G1) Archangel Michael: Hymns (G2-3) Archangel Raphael: Hymns (G4-6) The Cherubim: Hymns (G7-8) The Seraphim: Sunday School - Sunday at 12:30 PM Sunday…

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Services Temporarily Suspended

Church services are temporarily suspended.  God willing, we intend to resume services on January 29.  The church is closed until that time. Unless specifically authorized, no one is to enter…

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Services during Lockdown

God willing, we hope to gradually allow more in-person attendance soon, subject to local and provincial guidelines. SAINT MARY'S SERVICE REGISTRATION WHO SHOULD NOT ATTEND?If any of the following conditions…

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Aghapy Fundraising

Important Information December 13 is the deadline for donations to the needy in Egypt; please fill in this form and email it to treasurer@stmary-ottawa.orgClick here for different ways to donate…

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Koiahk Services

Services of the Coptic Month of Koiahk (the 4 weeks preceding Christmas) as follows: LiturgiesWednesday (5:30 am), Thursday (8:00 am), Friday (8:30 am)Saturday (8:00 am), Saturday night (Midnight), Sunday (8:30…

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Saint Mary’s Fast & Revival

We encourage everyone to ask for Saint Mary's intercession during this fast, and join this year's program (online or in person). Note that in-person attendance requires registration, and continued observance…

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Stay Connected!

Please visit our YouTube channel at and click SUBSCRIBE to stay connected to the online services.

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