Aghapy Fundraising

Important Information November 30 is the deadline to place orders for take-out dinner (see poster below)Meals will be available for pickup on December 6Click here for different ways to donate…

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Saint Mary’s Fast & Revival

We encourage everyone to ask for Saint Mary's intercession during this fast, and join this year's program (online or in person). Note that in-person attendance requires registration, and continued observance…

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Coptic Orthodox Christianity (2018 OSTS Course)

Lecture 1 (Sept 17) material - IntroductionOptional Supplemental Video:H.E. Archbishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of London (England)H.E. Archbishop Angaelos speaks about Coptic Orthodox tradition Lecture 2 (Sept 24) material - Coptic FaithOptional Supplemental…

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Meet with the Fathers

The congregation is invited for a group prayer meeting with the Fathers at 9:00 PM on April 13-15 (after the Evening Pascha service). Please use one of the following links:…

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Stay Connected!

Please visit our YouTube channel at and click SUBSCRIBE to stay connected to the online services.

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